let's rename the module folders

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let's rename the module folders

1. models in modules ??
all the models are in a top level folder called "modules" ...
do we really want that ?
I think that this folder should simply be renamed "models"
so we would have :
any objection ?

2. because of .gitignore_global file , it's not possible (or at least not easy) to have files or folders ending with ~, so I suggest we remove all the ~ at the end of the modules/audio/*/*
so we would have :

3. Tim asked : "Why is "Delay" capitalized when none of the others are?"
well.. all folder inside audio/stereo are capitalized.
but all other categories are not...
so I suggest we de-capitalize everything.
ok for that ?

4. Tim asked : "Do we really need so many levels of a folders?"
personally... I really don't care.
any opinion ?


Mathieu Chamagne
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