On coluors, fonts and customisations in Jamoma help patchers

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On coluors, fonts and customisations in Jamoma help patchers

Trond Lossius
Hi Julien,

Thanks a lot for the work you have done on help patchers for the core Jamoma objects. This is gradually coming together in a much more informative and useful way than it used to be.

However, when I look at help files such as the one for j.unit, I’d like to ask if we can just go with standard fonts and colours as far as possible, and also avoid other kinds of customisations of the patchers whenever needed. Maybe I’m getting overly sensitive because I now tend to dedicate a fair bit of attention to the design of views that i’m working on, but whenever I open Jamoma help patchers with custom background and font colours, etc., I experience a small cognitive disruption from the throughs I had when I opened the patch, a slight sense of “oh -this looks different, and I have to reorient myself to find my way around this interface”. Additionally, based on my experience with porting patchers for Jamoma 0.6 and Max 7, I see that whenever we have been customising something, it was more work for us the first tine around, and it is more work for us now as well, as the custom colours we used in Max 5 and 6, does not work well with Max 7. I expect this to happen again with future versions of max, when C74 decides that colours should all go plastic fantastic or something along those lines.

I also do not think that there’s any reason for hiding the toolbars and sidebars in our help patchers, as is the case for j.unit.maxhelp. I was just attempting to add some content to one of the panels, and ended up spending several minutes looking for the formatting toolbar without succeeding.

Maybe we can spend a few minutes coning Monday to look into this, and see if we can find a common approach to how we want patchers to look?

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