Jamoma presentations and demo sessions at ICMC/SMC next week

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Jamoma presentations and demo sessions at ICMC/SMC next week

Trond Lossius
For anyone attending the joint ICMC / SMC conference in Athens next week, several of the Jamoma developers will be doing a demo session Monday September 15 at 09:50-10:40 on the upcoming version of Jamoma (v. 0.6), and how Jamoma can be used to achieve model-view-controller separation in Max.

Wednesday 17 we are doing an oral presentation on the same subject as part of the session on "Computer environments for sound/music processing-1" in Odeon 4. This session starts at 09:00 and ends at 10:40.

And finally, Friday 19th 09:50-10:40 there is a demo session on i-score, an interactive sequencer for the intermedia arts. i-score can be used with Max and Jamoma as an advanced preset and event manager.

The papers associated with these oral and demo sessions are online at:


The latest alpha version of Jamoma 0.6 can be found here:


If you are attending the conference, please check this out, or just stop by for a chat!

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