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Jamoma nightly builds

Antoine Villeret
hi all, 

I'm proud to announce that Jamoma nightly builds are now ready to test.

The nightly-builds repository [1] holds both Puredata and Max implementations.

As soon as there is a change in the code, Travis and/or Appveyor build a package and upload it there.

So you can always download the latest version of Jamoma.

You will find Mac OSX, Windows 32 and 64 bit version of JamomaMax.
And OS X, Windows 32 bit, Linux 64 bit and Raspberry version of JamomaPureData.

For Max, the package should be put in ~/Documents/Max/Package or equivalent.
For Puredata, put the package in ~/pd-externals/ on Linux, ~/Library/Pd on OS X and something like "C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Pd" on Windows.
For Puredata, you also need to add Jamoma as a library to be loaded at startup in Pd's preferences.

Feel free to download, test it and report error/bug/suggestion/feedback to https://github.com/jamoma/JamomaMax/issues or https://github.com/jamoma/JamomaPureData/issues or just send me coffee and chocolate :-)



do it yourself                      


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Re: Jamoma nightly builds

Hi, great news!
I did a quick test on Max 7.0.5 on Win7 64bit.
I have this error at Max loading

"error 126 exernal loading j.loader"
in the Max window

then i have System error about Max.exe

"The program can't start beacuese libxml2.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem"

I guess is some missing lib invoked by some jamoma external?